Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Susan Eileen Burnes became a registered nurse and completed her health care career as an administrator in a psychiatric hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. While still living in Cleveland, she switched her focus to art and developed the first generation of her abstract fiber artworks. She also served as the vice president of the Textile Art Alliance with the Cleveland Museum of Art.

In 2001, Susan moved to Rogue River, Oregon, where her current home was built, and recently constructed the Red LIne Gallery, a private exhibition space. For the last six years she has served as board member of the Grants Pass Museum of Art, as well as the museum’s curator of exhibitions, and just became the museum's president. Her stated purpose is to help the GPMA provide the Southern Oregon community with the highest quality exhibitions of both contemporary and historical art.

About making her own artworks, Susan said, “My intent is for these pieces to be both elegant and bold. I am inspired by the rhythms and patterns of the natural environment of Southern Oregon.” With layers of pastel pigments that flow and vibrate on grids of hand-stitched fiber applied to painted canvas, the compositions invoke a sense of the pulsating aliveness of the natural world. The artworks have been exhibited in art galleries in Ohio, Oregon, New York, and Indiana. They were featured in the Guild Sourcebook of Art for 2008 and 2009.

Susan’s artwork Particles was included in the first juried Rogue Valley Biennial at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford, Oregon. The Biennial’s stated purpose is to present “art of our time: work that is innovative, compelling, and timely in form and content.”

In September 2012, Susan had a solo exhibition at the Skyline Plaza Gallery at the Rogue Valley Manor in Medford, Oregon. See the video here.

"Each [hand-stitched] patch, adhered to a canvas, works with the one next to it to create a vibrant, intoxicating rush of color and texture ... The beauty is in the simplicity of the patterns, combined with the exquisite detail of each masterful piece of fabric."

—The Grants Pass Daily Courier

"The exhibition committee has successfully attracted artists from areas of the country other than the West Coast, providing this community with exciting exhibitions of national and international significance that most of us would not be able to view in person."

—Sneak Preview Read the entire article, October 1, 2011

Susan Burnes also creates living art by combining stunning arrangements of perennials in her art garden using sophisticated combinations of color and texture to create rhythmic eye-dazzling patterns.

Witness the Artist's Garden in this YouTube video:

An Artist's GardenSusan_Eileen_Burnes:_An_Artist's_Garden

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